Welcome to Panenka Nature School

Panenka Kindergarten & Prep School is set in a beautiful 5 acre space of mature trees, native bush and lawns. It is a fun space where children learn and grow with confidence, a spirit of adventure, a sense of community, global citizenship and environmental responsibility with plenty of exciting challenges keeping them active and engaged.

At Panenka there is an emphasis on:
  • Nature
  • Natural and recycled materials
  • Using easily available items for self-initiated play
  • Physical active play

The scientifically proven benefits of interacting with nature and animals on cognitive, imaginative, social, physical and emotional development are innumerable, especially on young minds. Having animals in our environment, encourages our children to love and connect with animals and nature; teaching them to take responsibility for our natural world and develop invaluable skills.

School Mission:
  • To deliver quality global education in fun, friendly, open, natural spaces through play and discovery.
  • To encourage a love of nature and the outdoors and to instil a sense of responsibility for our environment.